Problem with MF units in DEMAT form

I am using external platform to manage my wealth. Stocks, MF’s, FD’s, Gold consolidated view at one place. For FD and gold, its manual entry. For stocks, we have to login to respective brokers (Kite, groww) and we can update our stock profile. For MF, we have to upload CAMS/KFintech consolidated statement. Unfortunately one of my MF (DEMAT form in coin) is not added in CAMS/KFintech consolidated statement. I raised a support ticket with Coin and got the response

As per the above query, you’re unable to view your mutual fund investments made on Coin in the myCAMS or Karvy websites because mutual fund investments made via Coin are in the DEMAT mode. myCAMS & Karvy show investments that are made in the folio mode.

So, the net is if the MF’s are in DEMAT mode, you can’t track it in any external wealth management apps.

You can track if you make manual entries of all the transactions, with the units allotment date, NAV, number of units allotted.

There is no manual entry option in the app. Only CAMS/Kfintech statement upload option exist

How about uploading the CAS from CDSL?

Try using MFCcentral to get consolidated current snapshot of all MF investment across different platforms including MFs held in DMAT format.

Mine is missing in MFcentral too.
I mean it is existing in MF central. But no proper data (e.g., Name of the fund : DEMAT FUND instead of proper AMC name)

I am not sure but CAMS does not show units in demat I think, so MF Central wont work.

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I rechecked for a PAN number for which DMAT holdings are both in phy and DMAT. In both summary reports as well as detailed CAS. Fund name and other details are matching. So it might be some bug which causes it to be displayed as DMAT funds in some cases like yours.

Try raising request from MFCentral feedback/query sectioction.

Unfortunately we can’t raise service request for DEMAT folio’s in MFcentral website. For all the service request options, it is displaying only non DEMAT folio’s.
I will send a mail to the support team to see if they can help

One more disadvantage with mutual funds in DEMAT mode is you can’t use instant redeem facility provided by couple of AMC’s for liquid funds if in case you are planning to keep emergency funds as liquid funds