Proceeds from liquidbees sold

If I have 0 cash balance in my account and have say 10 Lacs of liquidbees and see that Nifty has fallen substantially and i want to invest in Niftybees

Can I sell the 10 lacs worth of liquid bees and immediately buy Niftybees worth 10 lacs or any other ETF from the proceeds?

I think there was a rule that only 80% of proceeds can be utilized on the sale date. Is this still valid or can 100% of the proceeds be used on the same day?


This is applicable. When you sell shares from holdings, only 80% proceeds will be available for trading on the same day. Remaining 20% will be available the next day.

Shubh, i came across another post by you where you say that 100% of proceeds can be used on the same day.

So which is it? 80% or 100%?

Also are ETF’s and Equity treated the same as far as settlement is considered?


That is from August 2020. There has been change after that. Please check this post: Peak margin, Intraday leverages, & 2nd order effects - Dec 1st 2020



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