Processing Withdrawal requests in Real-time during Market Hours

Since SEBI mandates separate funds for equity and commodities, this would simplify trading across both commodities and equities segment. Sometimes short- time opportunities prop up in either segment, so fast withdrawals (excluding time taken for next NEFT slot)would enable retail traders to transfer funds to their required segment, thus it will highly improve ease of trading. @siva @nithin

@nithin i have one suggestion here , in console make an option to allocate or transfer fund within segment

This is on our list of things to do.

We can offer same funds for both segments, this is in our list of things to do but need lots of changes on both front-end and back-end, will take more time.

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SEBI doesn’t permit inter company transfers.

Where do you see the Equity to Commodity option?

How much time will it take?Many others brokers have this option .Many of us want you to start it soon.
Why are you delaying it ? Please do it fast.

We are working on this, it involves many changes both at front end and backend and to our processes. At our scale it is not easy to push this big change, will take time.