Product Feedback For P&L Section Under Console

Hey Guys - I just thought of submitting a product feedback here since I couldn’t find the right section. This feedback is for a small tweak or change of P&L section under console.

As of right now, one can select the date range and run the P&L report and see the total money made vs lost vs brokerage paid and can hover around each date to see the profit or loss for that day but what if I want to view the monthly numbers without having to run the report 12 times for 12 months?

Hence, I wish to propose this feature request to your product development team, to add 4 things under each month’s view - profit which can be represented with a + sign due to real estate issue, loss can be shown with - sign, brokerage and overall P/L for that month or design the UX in whichever way they feel right

This way, one can view the money made and lost for the entire month in one single view rather than having to run the report 12 times to see each months profit or loss.

Enclosing a screenshot on how the screen can look like. Please pass the feedback/feature request to your product team.

@nithin @Paidi


We’re live with monthly heatmap summary P&L.

There’s also an “Year overview” option where segment-wise P&L is shown in one place.

PS: There are a couple of minor bugs, which are being fixed.