Profit/Loss - psychological question

Hi Guys,

I have been trading for a while but got stuck up with few psychological questions. I can’t proceed further. Hope that some experienced people can answer this

  1. Now a days when I do any technical analysis, I feel that I am doing this just to take someone else money.
  2. If I make any money in FnO trading then I think that I didn’t work to earn that money. Just some numbers went up or down. How my work was beneficial to someone to deserve that money.

To be honest,If we ask some XYZ person to give money to us they don’t give. But how peoples are coming to trading and lose everything. Just becoz they are greedy to take others money.


The stock markets definitely work on the phrase “survival of the fittest” - these are the people who learn all the time and trade intelligently, manage their risk and improvise their strategies. You should definitely work on this if you want to trade consistently well in the market. If you feel weak while trading, someone else is going to take your money from you. Learn to stay profitable, and you could certainly use a portion of your profits to help orphanages, children with special needs etc. The opportunities are endless.

Like Nithin always says and rightly so, “The markets are the toughest place to make easy money”. It requires intelligence, skill, emotional control and so much more, it’s not about numbers going up or down. So if you do manage to stay profitable as a trader and you have time on your hands, there are a lot of things you can do to help the society.


The questions tht hv araised in ur mind are very much Valid ones frm Ethical point of view & thr is no Odd abt thinking like tht.

Derivative markets were introduced for Hedging purpose to reduce price fluctuations. With the advent of technology, the access to the market is made available to everyone. So, the main purpose of Hedging has got diluted into Speculation. If you find it as an issue frm Ethical point of view, u can stick to Equity Investing.

In my opinion I am not taking any bodys money I am just serving them like super markets who give me the groceries when I need by taking some margin over the price what they get.

Like wise I am buying futures from someone and I am adding some margin to it and selling them to the person who need and interested to take.

Similarly I am closing my positions with loss like super markets offer huge discounts on junk or surplus products to clear or dematerilise.

This is purely my opinion.

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Thanks for the responses… I will stick to equity delivery trading. Atleast my money will beneficial for some to grow their business…

From my point of view, the money wont stay with me if I earn from other’s loss…