Profit trailing in streak

Hi @Krishnendu

Can you help me out with an isssue plz?

I want to trail & lock profits in a strategy in streak.

Example - My strategy has 2 option short legs.
When profit of these becomes above 3000, I want to lock the profit to 2k.
Means if the profit dips below 2k, after hitting 3k, then streak should automatically exit my position.

Also, if the profit hits 3k and keeps going, then for every 1000 rs increase in profit, streak should trail by 500rs.

Is such condition possible in streak?


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Hi @Som_E,

This requires portfolio SL and trailing stop loss. TSL is under development and would be available soon. Portfolio SL is in our roadmap.

Currently, this is not possible in Streak.

Any timeline ?
Would love to subscribe to streak for those features.

Cannot give a timeline. But Portfolio SL will take a few months. TSL very soon.

Streak has a lot of cool features, not just the above, you write to [email protected] in case you want to check out the platform.

Hey @Krishnendu

Does Streak have Order splitting

Suppose I want to trade 80 lots in bank nifty.

Eg 38900 CE & 39400 CE.

Both 80 lots.

So, I want Streak to automatically split my orders and create a basket order, to avoid freeze quantity.


In lots 36 twice and 8 lots

In volume 900 twice and 200 once

Hope you are getting it?

Does Streak have this right now.

If not, is it on your to do list?

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Streak does not split orders currently. Order splitting would be added in the future.

would love to try out the profit trailing feature, anytime line for it ? or anyway we can try it out in beta ?

Hi @gaurav_saral,

I cannot provide a tentative date for this. Please write to [email protected] for more information.