Profitable option trading

90% trader lost money only 10% gain. How 10% trader make money i will discuss here slowly. I am here since 2014 . Some psychological change bring me in 10%. I will give weekly status and some trading related aspect.
This account is opened in February to illustrate that money can be made with proper discipline with consistent returns. 50k starting capital now it become 86k, target 1L in this February and 10L in this year. I will update regularly.


Thanks for sharing. Last year from May 2023 to Dec 2023, I lost Rs 53000. I too have a similar capital and would really like to understand the methodology of doing trades successfully. Will be great, if you explain the method. Thanks.

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Its not going to work

Might argue / judge me to be pessimistic out right, but if its possible to make 20X in a year why not start with 5L or 50L instead of 50k and then sit with 1cr (starting with 5L) or 10cr (starting with 50L) by the end of the year?

FNO is hard and option buying is hardest!

If you are going to see a MTM of 20-30% of your capital on the higher side, please also imagine what would happen if you were to see a 20% loss day. FYI any DD more than 60% is certainly close to impossible to recover from


You forget that psychology changes with position size. If i can manage 10 students in a class it doesn’t mean i can manage 10k students in a class.
Mental capacity more important than trading accounts capacity.
Last 8 days was not easy market but i traded with proper discipline and risk management. Make 8 conservative profitable days.
Keep patience, i will update.

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Just out of curiosity, what are you trying to prove?
Also, congratulations on reaching your target. :clap:

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Option buyer also make money with proper discipline and risk management.

No doubt about that. There are so many successful option buyers too.

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can i see zerodha verified p&l like the link

You can take my user id and password, otp. No secret. Its kotak neo. Tomorrow pnl will be updated and i will give pnl statements from 31st January to 13 February. Happy to share.

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Dont do that, esp around live market hours, but anyway don’t do that. You dont need to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Plenty of people make money in markets.

Its possible to transfer money from an account through illiquid instruments by buying / selling at wild prices. It has happened.


Thanks for warning :warning:.