Profitable Trading in just 1 stock

Is it okay to completely be dependent on trading just one stock if a strategy on that particular stock is giving me consistent profits?

Or should it have to be tested across multiple stocks?

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They say don’t get married to a stock


that maybe true for investment, or swing trades. But what about intraday only.

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Its fine if it works

But do keep 2-3 as backups

Becoz your selected stock may be stagnant on some days

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stagnant some days is ok. I am only focusing on monthly profits

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It is a good idea, I know a daytrader who specializes in 1 stock and 90% of the trades are only on that one scrip.

A few other full time traders I know, no more trade stocks, One trades Nifty alone and other one Trades Nifty and Bank Nifty.

These are disciplined traders and are Net Profitable Month on Month trading just 1 or 2 scrips.

For an average trader, The question to ask is, How long are you willing to wait patiently everyday for that 1 stock to match your trade entry setup ?

Most traders will get bored waiting for the correct setup and will start deviating from their trading plan.

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Thanks for your input. :smile:

Hey GrizzlyMag!!
i’m an intraday trader myself and i can totally relate to the mindset of this question.
every successful trading plan has a set of volatility, liquidity and market correlation factors (Nifty correlation) which makes it feel comfortable to traders. Any change in above three will make the trader feel uncomfortable to trade that stock. For example, some of my frirends are very comfortable trading Idea in correlation with Nifty. But, the problem is as a trader once u r profitable u will look to scale up. This isnt efficient if u stick to one stock. One more problem is, especially for intraday if you are trading only one stock, psychologically ur risk capabiliies will be struck to that stock’s price range.

what i mean is… my friend is very comfortbale trading IDea futures by correlating it with Nifty’s 15 min candle movements… Since idea is around 100/- stock… he feels very uncomfortable trading ICICI which is 300+ stock… only active intraday traders can understand what i meant.

forget about ur comfort and profitability, if u want to be a consistent and profitabel intraday trader, u should make efforts to expand you skill acorss stocks of all kinds of proce ranges, sectors and volatilities. Think bigger picture and slowly expand your skill to other stocks… u can always ping me through this forum if u need anything regarding improving intraday performance (other than strategies :P)… .have a great trading

Absolutely correct decision. When you follow the thing it meansautomatically you are following money management rules. You never fail or loose your capital and you will be 100% in profitable by end of the month
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Do you trade full time? How long have you been trading for?

I am thinking of going full time and am nervous because I backtested this on one stock and it gave good results. Didn’t try on any other stock.

If you have enough of experience of trading on same one stock, then you can be confident about your earning with the same stock.

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