Pros & cons of moving Holdings to zerodha

I am considering moving my holdings from icici direct to zerodha. What are the pros & cons?

If u r paying that ICICI direct, paying Zerodha will be nothing as it has zero brokerage for delivery. I can’t speak about cons as I have not seen icici’s platform. But Zerodha offers enuf and better than any broker in the country for free. What more do you want? :joy: ICICI is made by bankers Zerodha is made by traders. So any new thing ICICI does ll b in der benefit to make money, here it ll b in trader’s benefit. That’s the exact reason why it grown so big so fast.

What is your goal?
Do you want to save money on Brokerage?
Are you a day trader or investor?

I have both. I moved my wife’s demat holding to Zerodha. Please note that I do only delivery base trading.
Not yet decided to move my demat holding since still having issues with Zerodha platform as a whole.

Other options do exists if you just want to save brokerage and have a good platform.

my 2 cent