Public EA explanation

~~PLease explain the strategy involving the public EA BIG 3 BUY and BIG 3 Sell.

I back tested it in Adaniports and it gave decent results in 60 Day time frame and at the momment paper trading the buy signal generated on 12th Jan at 240.

I wanted to know the explanation since it will help build the confidence on the EA and also if needed I can modify it to create my own EA basing it.

Big 3 Buy

The strategy is a combination of the three most commonly used indicators i.e. RSI, MACD, and ADX. A buy signal is generated when all the three indicators align and signal a unanimous buy.

when adx greater than 20 and directive index positive is greater than 20 and previous candles macd signal is greater than macd and current candle macd signal is lesser than macd

Big 3 Sell also vise-versa… similar , but in sell directive index will be negative,

you can check detailed explaination in