Publicly available Reuters Eikon database

Came across many articles referring to ‘publicly available Reuters Eikon database’.
How do we access this publicly available Reuters Eikon database.
And if any guidance as to how this data might be used effectively is much appreciated.

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I also wanted to know about this.

I have seen this phrase being used in many Economic Times articles. They usually share the number of analysts calls (like buy, sell, hold) for a specific stock from this “publicly available Reuters Eikon database”.

I have tried creating an account on MyRefinitiv and then accessing Eikon via the web but none of the links work (showing No Permission when hovering over links)

As far as I know, Reuters Eikon is a paid product. Why do the articles say that this data is publicly available? Or is this some clever use of words in the sense that the data is available to everyone in the public as long as they are willing to pay for it?

Also, given that those articles only mention the Reuters Eikon database when sharing the different analysts calls for a specific stock, would StockReports+ or @Tickertape’s Forecasts tab be an alternative way to access that data?

@siva @Bhuvan could you help?

Eikon is a paid product, I believe they mean one can view if they pay, but not sure if they give few data points for free.

Stockreports may be but again I am not 100 % sure. For tickertape may be you can write directly to them and ask.

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