Punishing yourself for the loss

I don’t known which category this message would come in, but still i am selecting general because this may come under psychology of handling loss.

I once thought to punish myself for the losses i make and had a plan for it, but forgot about it… today i met with loss. That feeling of worthlessness is a sharp needle, would penetrate the heart and lungs :slight_smile: so sharing for anyone interested…

So here it is, i am going to give away the 10% of my loss to poor, the people who needs it most. I hope this will relieve my pain to some extend. Also decided to donate 10% of my monthly profit to the needy, who needs it most… I’m not going to give it to the ‘professional ones’ on the field, but would rather buy them food or anything.


Being good human doesn’t gets money you lost. Get realistic. Understand the market or loss you made. How losses are made? In the end if it doesn’t make sense to your brain. You need “time” That’s the only remedy for our pain. @Aji_K


Yes giving back , both directly and indirectly affects your trading in a positive direction .
Do this consistently and notice the change.

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I agree with Redd here, being good is not something you really need to understand your loss experience anyway. It’s all different things for something like our business. If that will somehow will set you in good and relaxed mood to understand trading failures - so be it;)


Sometimes losses are not in ones control considering how manipulated these markets are… everyone is after everyone else’s money

So understand whether the loss was caused intentionally or because of your decisions


You will lose your whole life. It’s just that in one month your losses will be $ 10, and in another - $ 1000.
You do not need to take any punishment for the loss. You just need to come to terms with this fact. This is a market, not a cipher that can be unraveled and make a lifetime profit. No, there is luck, and experience, and knowledge.
Sometimes you don’t have enough luck and you will lose money, but you should not punish yourself for this.

Loss is like a hidden holes on a boat, you have to find and experience every type of loss so u can patch them and sail to success. its good to experience loss in early days of trade while your margin is not high. so next time u hit loss dont sit and cry and let the boat sink, move on to find next hole.