Purchase and Sell in Different Exchange

If I buy a stock in BSE and sell it on NSE in same day, then will be counted as a same transaction at the end of the day. Or will the stock which I sold at NSE will go into auction.

Delivery CNC is not possible, there are no options available to do this , exchanges won’t allow this .
but , MIS intraday arbitrage is possible, yet,you need to co-location servers to receive tick data very fast than the rest of Indian users, also costs in over 10 lakhs per year . even if you want to invest this much money,you need have good relations inside nse ,bse , Also there is one scam happened, and sebi fined in cores of ruppes to people for this fast data first come trading.
Inshort ,our dreams won’t come true .

But it happened with me. On Monday I shorted Brooks Labs 150 Qty. on NSE and simultaneously purchased 200 Qty on BSE. When I talked to my broker, he said that there will be no auction for 150 Qty sold on NSE as I have purchased them in BSE so that shares will be adjusted. That’s why I am asking is this possible or not. Because in my knowledge also it cannot happen but he said there are new rules now.

Shorting means MIS , intraday possible, opening two positions at same time is possible .but the chance of hitting correct price point is near zero , not zero .

I think you are not getting my point. It was CNC short not MIS