Purpose of Various Statements

Over the past, have received various email statements on different occasions.

Here are those I have tracked :
-Transaction with Holding Statement
-Quarterly Equity Account Statement
-Combined Equity Contract Note
-Retention Statement and Retention Account Statement
-Daily Equity Margin Statement

-Fund balance and securities balance Statement

-Funds/Securities Balance
-Trades executed at NSE

If any other statement missed out, pl. add.
(Not sure if more statements applicable for F&O segment).

Moreover some are Password protected and some are not.

Pl. clarify what is the purpose of each statement and any consolidation can be done (by merging some) for easy understanding and tracking by investor.
Could not find a consolidated information in Zerodha portal.


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@Nakul can you.

  1. Transaction with holding statement is sent by the depository participant indicating the movement of securities in your demat account, and the current holding quantity and value of each of your holdings.
  2. The quarterly account statement is your account’s ledger report, similar to your bank statement, which you can use to verify the movement of funds from your trading account. You can refer to the funds statement in console for this.
  3. A contract note is a record of all transactions made by you through your stock broker on any particular day. Read this support article for more information on the contract note.
  4. The purpose of a retention statement is explained here.
  5. You can go through this support article to understand the margin statement.

Consolidating these statements wouldn’t be possible as each of these reports serve different purposes. It is also a regulatory requirement for it to be sent separately.

These are messages sent by the exchanges as part of their trade alert facility to investors. Go through this for more.

Thanks for the information.