Put call ratio chart

Any indicator available in Zerodha or any other software that show the chart of put call ratio of both index/equity combined based on their volumes during market hours.



Hi… I think viewing pcr during mkt hours is not much reliable as real oi data is confirmed only after 4:30 pm. So u may see day end pcr for next day’s setup…
See if this link is useful

Still if u want to see intraday pcr… Then this link can provide d same…

Stay safe and smart. All d best :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there any more reliable source?

I am searching for Nifty Put Call Ratio Line Chart

Aaah … I got your point …
Though, may I ask how do you intend to use it. Since only near month is where it is relevant … So you will have only 1 month data for an expiry … Out of which initial few days is sheer build up. Don’t you think its a lot of noise? I have the data … but I am not sure how it can be presented.

I was asking for all the three months combined.

As far its use is concerned, it acts as sentiment indicator & at extremes it suggests tops & bottoms.

Ok. So this is how it looks like for one month -

Got it … Brb … Lemme see if there is a pattern out there … :slight_smile:

Ok. So this is 3 months combined since the year beginning.


Data for reference - PCR Analysis - Google Drive

Do tell how it goes … :slight_smile:

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Can you give data of all months separately?

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Hey … That’s exactly what my issue was in first place - presentation …
Anyhow, you seem like an enthusiast … check the file again … have got expiry wise sheets added for you …


Took a lot of effort in extracting it bro … whatever you are doing … make it count.


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Is this of Quantity Traded or of Open Interest?

Sum of Open Interest … PE Then CE … Per Day …


Check the last row for a match - for today.

I need more data of past.

Can you give it to me?

Hey Mate,
Unfortunately, I only have it since Jan of this year that I already gave. You can check with DotEx - https://www.nseindia.com/supra_global/content/dotex/data_products.htm depending upon how badly you need this.

I cant