Quality of charts in Kite - OHLC values of candles are incorrect

@siva, @nithin

It is a request to kindly improve the quality of charts in Kite. The OHLC values of Daily and Intra-day candles displayed in Kite for Futures is far away from the reality. I use software of other brokerage firms as well and the OHLC data displayed on their charts is same as that in NSE.

If other good brokerage firm can provide accurate values of OHLC, then why can’t Zerodha do so in Kite?

Daily candles are formed using bhavcopy data at the end of the day if I’m not wrong, that has to be the same across all brokers. Which scrip and date did you find it to be wrong?
Regarding the intraday candles OHLC differing across platforms, read this thread