Quant feature must be updated

i.would like to.request zerodha team to plz restart quant as many of ur clients like me are small retail investors traders…if only we can analyse what are we doing we can have a chance to improve…plz.


Yes, once the new Q is out, Quant will make a come back in a much better form.



Any timeline for the release? Also, any documentation for the upcoming features?


The beta of Q should be out in next couple of weeks, once done we will start adding visualizations. To begin with sector wise exposure, equity curve, drawdown charts, profit to loss making trades scripwise, are what we are planning to add.
If you have something specific you want to see, why don’t you post it here. We will incorporate. https://console.zerodha.net/ is the pre-alpha of the new Q, if you want to check out.


Thanks @nithin. Equity curve and draw down charts would be awesome :slight_smile:


Yep very useful feature.

@nithin Can you please add a feature like… Long vs Short trades for last 1month profit/loss graph (bar or pi).

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Hi @nithin The ledger option is missing in the new q. It is there in the current version. It shows datewise P&L. Please add this feature.

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These features are great @nithin but I think none of them will work accurately until we can get proper entries in holdings. The issues in editing holdings are well known for almost a year now. I always get wrong P&L due to this.
It would be great if this is corrected first otherwise all visualisations etc. would be of no use. I think the system should directly rely on trade book for entries into holdings and give the option to users for editing past wrong entries.
Also a feature request by me has been to include DP charges in the total charges for tax P&L.

its 2 quarters after you promised new q realese nitin sir,
best broker 2018 …

We are not going to be calling it quant, it is going to be integrated within the new console reports. If you look at tradebook/P&l we already have couple of visualizations. Equity curve and holding visualization should come up on console soon. We have planned a lot of analytics now that console basic reporting is in place (took us a lot more time than we expected).

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Great Going @nithin “Equity Curve” in the Console will be a great feature.
Eagerly waiting for that. Presently we are using other apps and adding profit & loss manually to plot the Equity Curve.

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Quant feature not updated yet… I havent used it as i joined in late 2018… want to check it out

Along with those we will be coming out with many exciting features on console.

Release date??

[quote=“sudheer_kumar, post:16, topic:40828, full:true”]
Release date??

One after other will be coming out, it’s a ongoing process.

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So no plan ?

You can check console new holding visualization released yesterday.


Just checked the console holdings visualization. Really cool.
edit: cash position is not included?!