Queries about Debt IPO

NCD of ECL will open on 24th Jul and I want to buy them. I have few queries …

which category is suitable for me?
Will I get the options to choose category while applying through ASBA?
Can I buy or sell these NCDs on Kite like equities? if yes then
how is buying from secondary market beneficial (will I get at a discounted price)? while we will get the same fixed interest.
Will I get my interest in the bank account?
What after its expiry ie if I choose a bond for 5 yrs so what gonna happen after 5 years?
what is Benchmark MIBOR and spread of 2.5% in S68?

If annual option is chosen, Coupon payment is made annually (interest payment) in the bank account linked to your demat.

At end of 5 years, bond is redeemed meaning face value is paid into your bank account and bonds in your demat closed.

the company does not default. if they default, u get nothing. ta…daa…. :joy:

Then how debt bonds are a safer option (Comparatively to equities)?? Govt doesn’t have any regulation for that??

Govt regulation for debt repayment…!!!

I m not sure… just check with

  • Nirav Modi
  • Mekul choksi
  • Mallaya


can you plz help me with these queries

anyone can help me with this directly by answering or by providing some informative links?

Under 2 lakh Retail, over 2 lakhs you will be considered an HNI.

Yes, I see that you keep asking questions that have already been answered. If you search on Tradingqna, I am pretty sure you’ll find the answer.

Yes, and no. Yes, the interest is fixed.

Again, why do you keep asking the same question over and over again?

The bond will expire and you will get the par value (face value) and any pending interest payment.

Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate (MIBOR) is rate which bank lend to each other. The added spread is to ensure the bonds are sold.

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