Queries before investing in SIP through Zerodha

  1. Why Demat account is necessary to start investing in SIP through Zerodha? (as far as i know usually demat account is not necessary).
  2. What if Zerodha closes its operations ?
  3. How can one appoint nominee?
  4. Incase the person investing is no more, what are the procedures that needs to be followed by nominee.?
  5. After a research i got to know that zerodha charges nothing for SIP investment, but are there any hidden charges that Zerodha charges at any given point.

All investments you make through Coin are held in demat account and hence the need to open a demat account.

Well, although I don’t see that happening, your holdings are held in your independent demat account and broker shutting operations will have no bearing to your individual holdings.

When you open a demat account, there’s a nomination form you’ll have to fill to appoint a nominee to your demat account.

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If it’s hidden I wouldn’t be informing you here would I :slight_smile: I suggest you use our services and figure if there are any hidden charges cos I can’t think of any. A charge not known to you and subsequently levied by the broker could seem hidden to you. All our charges are mentioned upfront.


Hai @VenuMadhav,
i have one doubt for long days but i cannot get a good answer , the question is very simple, please reply briefly to understans other trader also,

How pledging with broker is safe , if any thing happened for broker how our pledging securities is safe , if we dont have any debit balance … pledging amount is more than 50L etc… please its humble request to reply and clear my doubt briefly

We’ve seen cases of stocks being misappropriated by a few brokers because of which the market regulator SEBI recently issued this circular which mandated that a clear distinction be kept between broker securities and client securities, disallowed pledging of client stocks with NBFCs, Banks and other such financial institutions, advised all brokers to report pledged holdings on a daily basis.

Despite bringing about all kinds of regulations to curb such misappropriations, can a broker still end up misusing client funds and/or securities. The honest anwer is, Yes, which is why it becomes extremely important to ensure you are choosing the right broker since your broker is the custody of your stocks and funds just like a Bank.

How do you choose a right broker? Nithin’s given some parameters here and explained why it’s safe to trade with Zerodha How safe is it to trade with Zerodha now in 2018?

First of all i tell a big thanks to @VenuMadhav for the honest reply, i trade with lot of broker but i trust zerodha i invest lot of money and trade in zerodha platform only , i believe your words and zerodha people are holding the customer hand with trust , i want to be zerodha want to NO 1 position forever , great good people to trust and honest in brokerage industry i seen now a days is zerodha only … thanks @VenuMadhav

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demat account belongs to the customer which is registered with ndsl and cdsl ,

if 0dha close then go to new broker and attach your demat account

when opening financial accounts one shoud always fill nomination form

submit death certificate of first owner to transfer accruals to nominee,

charges may /maynot increase with costs.

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