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I’m new to trading and a student so don’t have much time to actively track the markets coming across streak I’d like to ask if is there a regular user of streak who made a decent percentage of return out of it.
and on other hand is streak beneficial if I have a small capital (say 20-25k) at my disposal?
Is it possible to create a condition for exiting positions at 3 pm?

Hey man, it’s good that you are starting trading at an early age …considering this as you said you are a student.

I have been trading live with streak from and made decent profits for the last 3-4 months. I have seen people who are earning quite a lot with streak (Hope i get there some day :stuck_out_tongue:)

I would say you just need to find some good strategies. And the most important thing is dont start trading right away… first backtest, then practice paper trades and when you get a hang of it only then start live. This is mainly because you have a smaller amount to start with and dont want to loose everthing caught up in a drawdown and then loose all confidence.

It will take some time true, but that it the harsh truth with everything.


Thanks @SystematicChaos for the guidance. Honestly I just turned 18 but I’ve been back testing for quite a while now and I’m sort of familiar with winning and losing. But also as you said since I’ve a small amount i can’t lose anything than a little of it …
So would you like to take a moment to suggest me some strategies to check out ?

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Hi @Chetan_Nahata

If you want a guide, you can read this article on how to get started. Using the steps mentioned would help you master the features of the platform in no time.

To implement the above idea you can use the candle time indicator, the condition will depend on the candle interval selected by you. If your candle interval is 5 min, to exit at 3:00 PM, you need to add the below condition -

You can refer to the following link to understand more about candle time indicator - Indicators - Streak Help

Happy Weekend! :slight_smile:

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thearticle was Very Helpful Thanks a ton for it @TechnicalTrader

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I would say start with something simple. Anything based on price action always works (OHLC breakouts, previous day high low breakouts, and pivot are also good, simple patterns, etc) with tight SLTP.
Also try strategies that give signals very rarely but have a good win rate (Pair trading, 52-week high/low) this can be used to diversify. This way you can get used to the winning and losing, platform everything overall and hopefully when you grow your capital you can try something riskier.