Queries to open F&O account in Zerodha

I am looking to open an account in Zerodha purely to trade Nifty and Bank Nifty Options, so my questions are

  1. Will I have to open just a normal trading account to trade options or a derivative trading account is different?

  2. Will I also be allowed to buy Put options as well?

  3. I will have to open both tradinf and demat account right or can I can use different demat account

  4. What would be the charges for opening the account and charges for buying one call option?

Thanks in advance

  1. A regular trading account will do.
  2. Yes. The allowed range is mentioned here: F&O margin calculator - Zerodha Margin Calculator
  3. Both trading and demat accounts will have to be opened.
  4. Charges are mentioned here: Free equity investments and low brokerage trades at flat Rs 20 – Zerodha
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Great, Thanks Joyesh for the help, Just one last doubt I was not able to use the margin calculator, can you tell me what’s wrong or explain to me
Or explain this Example: If I BUY PUT Option 17200 at Rs 200 premium for 9th Dec, what will be the total margin I will have to maintain to execute the trade

For a buy side option, you will have to pay the entire premium in cash (not margin). This will be premium x quantity. in your example this will be 200x25 = 5000 Rs.

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Got it, Thanks Joyesh for your time
Really appreciate it