Query about After/Pre and Post market order

These orders are equity delivery order (I’ll get shares credited in my account and can hold for a long period unless I sell them) or for the trading purpose only (I have to sell within a day or automatically get squared off by end of the day).
AMO can be placed at any time by using Zerodha’s AMO order or only can be placed between 4 pm to 9 am?

Already gone through this but couldn’t get much information regarding the delivery of equity.

CNC and MIS are what will decide whether you can take delivery or will get squared off the same day (if you don’t exit).
AMO just allows you to place such orders during non-market-timings.

Thanks @PrashDn
Could you plz tell me which one is better Aftermarket or Post market order?
Let’s say for ‘X’ the last call of the day is 100 rs and tomorrow it is supposed to open around 110 rs.

It is to be placed when market is not open… So it is 4pm to 9am only.

Both are same. If you place a limit order for 100, it will get execute at or below 100… If you place market order, it will execute at any price it opens.

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