Query about basket orders?

Suppose I want to execute an ATM straddle with say 20% stoploss on each leg…
I want to avoid freak trades…So I look at LTP of both atm ce and pe…put the nearby values of both ce and pe as limits and execute them…I mark 20% as stoploss for both legs…now my question is, if the stoploss on one leg is triggered, is it a limit order or a market order?
If it is a market order, I’m afraid freak trade can happen…
Can someone please guide?

SL-Market orders are blocked due to risks of freak trade. So once your SL is triggered, the order placed is limit order.

Ok…thank you sir…

Sir, I am the dhareholder & operating purchase process from Zerodha kite agency. Ok am to share market, when I am trying to sell some shares TPIN required. I have generated so many times but in still not working. Every time it is stated invalid TPIN. Please help me sir final TPIN. Thanks & regards.

M. W. Asole

For account related queries would request you to create a ticket at support.zerodha.com. Team will check and assist.

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@ShubhS9 sir…
Sir, suppose i execute short ATM straddle with 20% sl on each leg…say pe LTP is 100, sl will be 120 which would be limit price as you mentioned…suppose there is sudden fall and price overshoots 120 to say 150 suddenly…
Would the sl execute at 150 now?
If it executes, that’s fine: the system understands that sl has been breached and I have to get this client out now, at best level price closest to sl…
Or is it that limit order is not executed?
My next question would depend on this which is:
Can we have a concept of trigger and limit price in the basket orders for dealing with this kind of situation?
I hope I’m able to convey my query sir…
Do give ur inputs sir ji .
Thanks and warm regards

Yes, it will execute. A limit order will execute at the price specified or a better price. Since this is buy order, it’ll execute at 120 or higher price, not lower.

You can already place SL and GTT orders, which come with Trigger and Limit price.

Thank you sir ji…

You can already place SL and GTT orders, which come with Trigger and Limit price.

I can place sl for both legs as %age via basket orders window?
How to set triggers and limits both via basket orders window, that was my question actually…

Is there some way to set SL via basket orders and further then set triggers and limits?
Thanks and regards