Query about Bonus Stocks

Suppose if particular stock is going to provide bonus of 1:1 after 15 days.

If i buy that stock will i be eligible for bonus shares?

hi @dextro1995
you should have shares in your demat before the ex date menioned then u will be able to get bonus shares.bonus shares please visit the link for more details and go through varsity search for bonus shares.

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Your answer is irrelevant to what was asked.

E.g. You have a Rs 1000 note. I give you 2 notes of Rs 500 each in exchange of Rs1000 note. In the same way, in bonus issue as well as in stock split, your total value of investment remains the same. So my question is how they are different. I hope you got my point

Hi @YU6696
In terms of bonus given 1:1 is huge so stocks splits so anyway u dont get any benefit out of it. but if suppose lets say u had 10000 shares and say the bonus given is 10:1 then u get 1000 extra shares and possibility of stock getting split doesnt take place so this makes the difference. So u get 1000 extra shares.:slightly_smiling_face:

How it’s different is explained here.

@Abhishek_Malsa, stocks need to be in Demat as of Record date to be eligible for any corporate action. Please make a note.

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