Query about old physical shares and MF units

Dear members,
I found some physical certificates on my father’s name.

  1. SBI Home Finance LTD issued in 1993
  2. LIC Mutual Fund Dhanvikas (1) scheme, issued in 1993
  3. Reliance Petroleum Ltd issued in 1995
  4. SBI Magnum multiplier plus 1993 (sbi MF)

Could anyone please tell me if these companies/mutual funds are still valid and how to redeem these?

I couldn’t find anything on SBI Home Finance and Reliance Petroleum.
LIC Dhanvikas (1) seems to be converted to LIC MF multicap fund, but the current NAV ₹13 seems odd, I was expecting more considering the appreciation between 1993 to 2024. Is there any bonus/split scenario here?

I’d really appreciate if you could provide some valuable information here.

Thanks in advance.

INE627A01012 is the ISIN of sbi home finance ltd …private dealers do quote 15 -30 for this scrip which has filed for LIQUIDATION .
Relaince petroleum finally merged into Reliance industries and Reliance shares were issued without the need to surrender RPL shares. the certificate has no value now.

Not that they have no value, he can use them to get the reliance shares as proof of ownership right?

whenever there is split or merger , capital revision etc old share certificate is never called. you must have got RIL shares . if you are sure that you did not get RIL shares due to address change etc it is more than 7 years and if you have not claimed , the share get transferred to IEPF . first write to RIL and find out the status attaching copy of share certificate .

DM me.

I can get you connected to a recovery agent and help bridge any communication gap. They will take care of it seamlessly at their end.
The agency will charge you 13% of the share value.
If that is okay with you we can proceed.

@mac76 you can approach the companies or registrar directly. No need to pay any commission to any agent

All Reliance Petroleum shareholders would have been given Reliance Industries Ltd Shares in lieu,Old certificate has all the value Send the Folio# on the certificate to its registered RTA - Kfintech,They will respond with due process.

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