Query about total traded value and its accountability

Guys. please help clear this query. I started doing intra-day trades since 3 trading sessions. So each day I purchased stocks in cash market with just rs 2000 but with high leverage using covered order.
so daily i get message that traded value for your account was 60,000 some day 1,72,000. So it doesnt take into account how much I put into the trade, but will take the actual traded value ?

So will this high figures for a small investor on daily basis, create a huge problem when tallying books?

What would be the other charges or any tax on this huge traded value if done daily?


Taxes are on P&L not on total traded value as far as I know. So no need to worry. But there is STT and other charges https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

Any norms related to this. I heard from a friend that earlier there was a limit of Rs 40 lakh post which your books need to be audited with a CA and they charge a lot then.

I wanted to know confirmed who might have knowledge on this to shed.

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