Query abt currecy derivatives

I have heard that currency derivatives requires very less margin compare to equity derivatives. Can i trade those thru my normal eq. n derivatives acct with Zerodha?

I have never tried currency trading. So if the abv answer is yes, can anyone guide me thru all the process?

yes you can

As per my knowledge you can only trace INR pais.. 

To trade usd  INR pair add the future contract to watchlist.. The exchange is cds, select futcur in the next tab, select usd INR and select the month.. Approx margin per lot is 1.5k

Hope it helps

Thanx for ur prompt answer. Where will i get the more knowledge about its actual trading strategies, expiry details, lot sizes, brokerage, liquidity, other taxes etc

INR as far has I have seen has no liquidity… It is best done for positional (remember if u are bullish on inr, you SELL)
The lot size is 1 which means 1000 usd worth… You will gain 1000 RS per lot if it moves in you favor by one rupee…
I do not know where to get strategies, but regular chart patterns work… Intraday might not be easy as there. Is less liquidity

when u say that regular chart patterns work, are technical indicators working too?

Yes… May be not on lower time frames because of low liquidity…
But higher time works

Taxes are not ideal for a day trader…