Query on Adx indicator in streak

I’m back testing with adx indicator, but I’m unable to understand what offset parameter is for. Is it same as smoothening period which is present on zerodha chart?


Hey @iinfi1, the Offset value lets you access previous candle data i.e if you select ADX with an offset of -2, you will access the ADX value of 2nd last candle. If you set the offset as -1, you will access the ADX value of the last candle. This is applicable for all indicators, having this option in Streak.

Thank you

Follow up question. I accidentally setup the ADX offset as 14. Positive 14. What happens in that case?
I saw results completely different when offset was 0 and +14.

e.g I want to capture scenarios where ADX has moved from below 25 to above 25 (with other scenarios like RSI being met)
e.g. ADX(14) greater than 25
ADX(14,-1) less than 25
Does this make sense?

The values are considered as -14 since at point 0, it is not possible to predict ADX at +14.

Yes, you can implement this in Streak too. You need to backtest and look at the transaction history to see if the conditions are optimum or not.

Thank you

dear @Krishnendu the CROSS over logic does not seem to work in streak
Pls help me understand why not
yr streak help blog says 1. Buy strategy: +DI(14) crosses above -DI(14) and ADX(14) higher than 20
which seems to imply cross over will work. but see my backTEST results for 4th March 21 and chart for nifty … they do not seem to match
why two extra entries when ONLY one cross over?



Please share your strategy share link and I will help you with this.

hi @Krishnendu I actually got it myself. I was not using Symbol so entry was working on the OPT contract not on nifty

Thanks for reply :smiley: