Query on Bracket Order

Hi. I viewed the zerodha BO and CO video. But I still have few query. if you guys can help please

  1. In Bracket Order, though we can enter at our LIMIT price, but while exit I saw no option to enter LIMIT price and it exits at market price. does that mean in order to exit at our desired price, we just modify the target price, say my target was +5 rs from my purchase price, and it increased by rs 2, so If I want to execute at this price rather than exiting directly, i reduce my trigger to 2?

  2. Since bracket order might be executed in parts, am i charged brokerage on each executed order?

  3. Also when exiting a bracket order a lot of open orders are shown in order book. Trigger and target for each executed order, so If say 50 shares got executed in 2 orders, 25 each, so if exit on one 25 order, will it exit only 25 shares, or it will simulatenously exit the 2nd half also?

Similarly, if i modify the trigger or target for one partial order, will it modify for the 2nd partial order also?

  1. Also in a cover order, while exiting, it gets executed at market price, is there an option here to exit at limit price?

Thanks a lot

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  1. You need to modify the target from Open orders.
  2. No. You will be charged brokerage on how much quanitity you had entered while placing the order.
  3. Lets say you bought X @ 100 , 50 quantity and kept target as 105. It got executed in 2 trades, 25 and 25. Now if you want to book [email protected], you need to modify both the orders(25 and 25) and place target as 102.
  4. I don’t use CO.

Also you need to modify trigger for each partially executed order.

But suppose there were 2 orders of 25 qty each, and i exit only 1, the other one also gets exited automatically right?

If yes, then if i modify only 1 order’s target and exit that, at what rate would be the other 25qty order get executed?

If you modify only one order( changed to 102), the other one won’t get executed. It will execute only when the target price is achieved. (105 in our case)

Thank You

I just read the Kite3 feature of bracket order with a trigger price

Can some1 clear trigger price is a stop loss right as it is in a CO. here in BO there is a stoploss along with Trigger price and price option. what is the difference here in price v/s trigger price v/s stop loss.


@Srinivas @nithin

You need to read Zerodha varsity. It has answers to all your questions.

I read, i didnt seem to find or understand, could you explain?

For instance, If i purchase X is being trade at rs 100, to initiate a BO, will I enter my price as limit price say i want to purchase at 99.80 and should i then input trigger price as 99.90. does that mean if stock falls to 99.90 that means it will trigger my order and when eventually stock comes to 99.80 it will execute it ?

So is trigger price given to like activate my order? so in case of buy trigger > limit price ??

Did i get it right?

Check this post.

Trigger price is when the order gets activated.

If a stock is at 100 and you want to buy a bracket at 99.8, then you don’t need a trigger to do this. You just place a limit order in the bracket order with price as 99.8. You can then mention say 1 point as SL and 1 point as target.

Check this video Bracket Order - YouTube

If stock is at 100 and you want to buy only if it goes to 100.25, that is when you will need a trigger. So you can set the trigger say at 100.2 and limit price as 100.25. So when the stock goes to 100.2, a limit order to buy at 100.25 is sent to the market.


Thank You.

Also why in cover order we cant sell on limit price, why it executes on market price?

If u want to buy/ sell at limit price, use bracket order.

Oh okay. Thanks

Under order book I see this option called open order along with my triggers pending. If I want to exit prematurely should i choose open order to exit at the current market price or my targets or my stoploss trigger pendings to exit