Query on International MF

Since all tech giants of U.S (AMAZON, ALPHABET…) has fallen becz of U.S bear market, it’s an opportunity to invest in U.S stocks.

Mine is lumpsum investment which i will not redeem for next 10 years and I am not interested in larger index like s&p 500 . I have searched and found FANG+ETF by Mirae which covers top 10 giants in equal composition so our money will be invested only in those 10 stocks instead of too much diversification.

What’s your opinion on Mirae FANG+ETF/FOF?

I’d suggest that you go for the Nasdaq 100 instead of the FANG+ ETF.

whats the reason?
My only concern is, in long term NASDAQ 100 Funds are giving same returns as NIFTY 50.

FANG+ isn’t a well-constructed index. It’s just a bunch of stocks put together in an equal weighted fashion.

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okay… Thanks for the suggestion