Query on Triggered GTT Display and Deletion Option

Dear Zerodha Team @Meher_Smaran @Arockiya_Raja,

I have a query regarding the display duration of triggered GTTs in the GTT section of the platform. Previously, I observed that triggered GTTs were visible until the end of the trading day. However, today I noticed that GTTs triggered on 16 Jan at 9:15 am are still visible.

Could you please clarify the current duration for which triggered GTTs are displayed in the GTT section?

Additionally, I am interested in knowing if there is a manual deletion option for triggered GTTs. Having the ability to remove them manually would be beneficial, especially when managing multiple active GTTs, as it can cause confusion.

Your assistance in providing information on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this inquiry.

The validity of a triggered GTT remains unchanged; it should be removed within 24 hours. However, due to caching, it might still appear. Whenever a user creates a new GTT or modifies an existing one, this cache gets cleared.

By default, Active GTTs are displayed at the top and triggered GTTs are shown at the bottom. If you only want to see active GTTs, you can simply type “active” in the search field and filter the results. This will display only the active GTTs.

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Oh ok :+1:
Thank you @Arockiya_Raja :slightly_smiling_face: