Query regarding bid and offer


Can Anyone explain why price is still rising even when seller more than buyers?

Because the relevant (top 5) price points have total of 300 qty on both sides.

Rest 3.6 lacs may be fake quantity put by someone at 31500 or something :laughing:

Also this seller buyer means nothing and will help you predict nothing


The biggest mistake amateur traders make, which is to trade based on total bid or ask volume. There could be many orders placed way away from the market price from people who don’t really intend to trade or by those who are trying to make it seem like there is more supply on either side.

Most trades happen at market price, so don’t bother tracking the total buy and sell pending quantity.


Exactly as Nithin said , I haven’t look at total bid ask qty in a while and you trade from the chart , not from DoM


Thanks a lot sir.

Thanks sir