Query regarding Open Interest and Volume

Guys can someone clear the query please. For XYZ stock the open interest of todays expiry is 6,69,000 and the order book shows Buy quantity as 45,000 and sell quantity as 2,34,000. lot size being 3000

I am of the doubt, if around 223 contracts are opened still, and buy order is 15 contracts and sell order is 78 contracts.

I want to understand are people not closing their position? or people are not disclosing their buy/sell quantity.


There is time till end of the day for people to close out position. Usually the activity picks up quite a bit during the second half on expiry day.

Btw on F&O trading, there is no feature like in equity trading to not disclose your order completely.

Oh thank you…
Just wanted to be sure, there arent any additional charges on not closing out out of the money options ? cause there are no buyers for my out of the money options. so letting it expire wont incur any charges right?

All out of the money options will expire worthless. If there is no value, that means no charges to it.