Query regarding order book and trade time

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If i place an order to buy an option at say around 9:16:29 in the morning at price of Rs.1.00. When i place my buy order there are already some people who have placed buy order at Rs.1.00 before i placed my order. there are also people who placed buy order after I placed my order.
and after few minutes this option starts to trade at Rs.1.00.
Now how will i know whose order are being executed?
is there any way that we can find out when the order was placed and when it got executed?
I personally feel that some people’s orders are getting preference. evenif they have placed their order later their orders are getting executed first.

All orders on the Exchange get executed with a price-time priority. Your order to buy a contract at Re.1 could be de-prioritized if there’s another bid at 1.05/1.10 even though such order is placed after you’ve placed your order. There’s more on NSE’s order matching rules here: https://www.nseindia.com/emerge_itp/trading/content/sme_trd_sys.htm
Since everything happens online and is system driven, I don’t think there’s any room for manipulation or for anyone to get preferential access.

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Thanks for your reply. I have gone through the above link.
But I wanted to know if retail investors wants to check all the details of all the trades like at what time it was placed and at what time it got executed, is this possible?
If someone wants to check whether some traders are getting preference for their order, can he do it?

Not possible.

All these are imaginary theories, nothing as such affects retailers atleast. It is obvious institutions are at advantage to retailers with latency as they have access to infra (Colocation and super computers). So, they can place orders fast than us but everything is based on price time priority.


You can go to Console > Reports > Trade Book, from there you can will be able to fetch trade details for each day like you have mentioned here.

Go to kite, you can download order book on daily basis as shown below.

The day you forgot you can create on our support, for few days we maintain it.

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