Query related to "other credits & debits" in zerodha p/l statement


please help me understanding term “other credits & debits” i’d asked zerodha customer care, but they sent me whole manual book and asked me to read whole pdf to understand it.



Can you.


@Anshu_Tiwari The other debits and credits include all charges and credits which do not appear in the contract note. Charges such as DP Charges, payment gateway charges, delayed payment charges (interest on debit balance), call and trade charges, etc will form a part of Other debits, and credits such as dividend on pledge shares, reversals of any excess charge, brokerage reversal etc will form a part of other credits. You can find the breakdown of this in the downloaded P&L report or the tax P&L statement in the Other Credits and Debits sheet.


Instead of compulsory download to view the breakdown of other credits/debits, is it possible to view the breakdown of “other credits & debits” on console itself? We can view the breakdown on “chrages” at the moment. Can we get the same feature for this tab too?


Yes, we’re working on making the UI/UX much cleaner. Will look into what can be done here.


i downloaded tax p/l, there is huge difference in amount below screenshot reads only -95.6 as Other credits/debits, other screenshot reads -245.65 as Other credits/debits. please help me.


I see you have generated the P&L statement from 01st March 2019 instead of 01st April 2019. Can you check again?


thanks for reply
if i want to to see tax p/l for period of hdfcbank from march 19 to june 19 please guide me to choose correct parameters (q1 or q2 etc.) thanks again for your help


This wouldn’t be possible currently on the UI for the Tax P&L. You will have to download the trade-wise Tax P&L for Q1 of 2019-20 and Q4 of 2018-19 and filter based on the symbol and sell date. Ideally you should be checking this on the P&L statement only as the Tax P&L is intended to be used only for your return filing purposes. Also, another thing to note here is that the other credits and debits amount is not associated with a particular symbol, it is the total of other charges/credits posted during the period you have selected.

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i captured below screenshot (p/lstatement 01/04/19 to 06/07/19) from someone’s social account, it reads zero for other credits and debits. how is this possible? main-qimg-0ed560eabcd7ee11cf82c3e8aadffd45

below screen shot reads -245.65(later i came to know that it was dp charges)

i googled about dp chartges and i found that -
" DP charges are applicable whenever you sell any shares from your DEMAT account. This charge is a source of revenue to the depositories & its participants, similar to how exchanges charge a transaction fee, brokers charge brokerage, depositories & DP’s collect a DP charge ."
can you please explain zero amount in first screen shot for other debits and credits. please help me.


Other credits and debits is different for each segment. In your first screenshot, you are looking at the P&L for the F&O segment. Here the other charges shows you the cumulative value of the other charges which were charged as a result of your trade in the F&O segment, if any. The other charges in the F&O segment usually comprises of call & trade charges. Similarly, the equity P&L will show you the cumulative value of the other charges charged to the equity segment for your equity trades.