Question About Discrepancy

What will Happen if i sell the shares which are transferred by old broker to my zerodha account and they are Shown as Discrepancy Stocks and i had not fixed the Discrepancy?

Funds settlement will happen. However, the P&L report won’t be updated. In which case, you can raise a ticket with transferred stock details (SYMBOL, ISIN, QTY, BUY DATE & BUY PRICE) so our team can update from the back end to fix the P&L report.

The easiest way to handle this is by entering details on Console immediately after transferring the stocks. Explained here.

But If i don’t want to update the p&l of zerodha (dicrepancy shares) & i want to seggregate zerodha’s holding & transferred holding so is there any problem in future? What i mean to say is if i sold discrepancy shares so after that the discrepancy shares will get removed from my holding and discrepancy will automatically gone?