Question about the buy and sell orders in market depth


I want to know how does the buy and sell data in market depth window help? Almost all the times the figures do not match.


The market depth displays the amount of buying and selling interest in the scrip. You could use it to see where the most buying and selling interest is and place your trades accordingly.

I suggest u refrain from market depth data while making trade decision as this displays only prospective buy or sell and not actual trades. These are often manipulated by big fishes and also don’t display accurate order values. For eg. I may want to buy 1000 qty of a stock but while displaying would display only 10 qty at a time. Better u can use volume profile instead as these display actual trades and most of the time u will observe that price will revert back to point of control or longest bar in your chart view…
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Lol you feel both left and right side should be equal?

Please go thru basics of stock market I hope you are not trading before learning basics

Read Zerodha Varsity please

Thanks @VIPULK for your explanation. I read somewhere that all the big fishes have access to each and every order listed on the exchange and in kite we only have 5 listed. This is the reason I asked this question.