Question about trading in non-intraday stocks

Someone here actually posted a query regarding an issue they had with exiting their trade in a non intraday stock, like a regular scrip basically which you can only buy and not short. So of course, there have been new rules implented regarding upfront margins and peak margin reporting. So I was just confused about how it would affect exiting from regular non intraday scrips. Let me elaborate further.

I don’t know what the margin requirement for regular stocks are but let’s just say it is 100%. So, so certain situations arise then -

Let’s just say I bought such a stock and then I think that I don’t want to take delivery for this stock and I want to sell it on the same day. So, am I allowed to sell it on the same day or do I need additional 100% margin for that? And I can sell the stock just as it is, can I use the proceeds from selling to take another position?

Also what about the same implications for selling on T+1 day? Do I need margin to sell on that day or I can sell as it is. Also, can I use the proceeds then or not?

If the stock is not in Trade-To-Trade category, you can sell it. You don’t need any extra margin to square-off your position.

You can use the sale proceeds to take position in another stock though you won’t be able to use the profit you have made on same day, you can use it only when it is settled in T+2 days.

Again, if the stock isn’t in Trade-To-Trade category, you can do BTST. You can use entire sale proceeds to take position in another stock, but if you want to take position in F&O with same funds, you can only use 60% of those funds.

Also, I guess I can do intraday with only 60% of the proceeds, right?