Question on AMO Order Trigger Price

I want to place AMO orders for NIFTY Options however I have a question Please answer it accurately, any help would be highly appreciated For Example- I want to place order for Nifty option PE or CE and lets say during Off Market Hours, its price is 200. I want to get it triggered tomorrow morning Now I want to buy it only at higher price i.e. Rs. 215 Rs or Rs. 220 etc. I don’t want to buy if the price drops. If price drops then I will manually cancel the order tomorrow morning after 9:15. So if I place an order now with bit higher price, Can I capture that Order if the price moves up ? Question 2 - - If the Price goes down or doesn’t travel higher than 200, then my order would not trigger? Question 3 – What time my AMO order will Trigger if it has to Trigger? Before 9:06? or After 9:15?

Also I dont want to buy it lesser than my expected price because if u use better price concept then and if my order executed at lesser price, then its down trending and i dont prefer buying at lower price using AMO . I only want to trigger at higher price

9:15 AM, when the market opens as F&O doesn’t have pre-market session and trading is done during normal market hours.

You should check out GTT Orders instead. For example, CMP is 200 and you want to buy at 225, you can place a GTT Buy order at 225, your order will be triggered only when the price reaches this level. You can learn more on GTT orders here.

Shubh, Thank you so much . I think GTT order concept is amazing. Can i place GTT order before market hours and wait for it to trigger during opening

GTT order can be placed anytime.

Thanks Shubh. I cannot see GTT on web interface however I can see GTT on Mobile app.
There are two options -
OCO & Single in App.
if I choose Single , then Price is mentioned I believe it is Price which i want to buy.
However if i choose OCO , there is stop loss Trigger price and Target trigger price.

If hope If i choose option “Single” and Trigger price as shown in the screen capture . Like Trigger at 27 and price at 28, i would be able to buy at 28 ??? Please correct me if I am wrong

Would suggest you go through the post shared above to get familiar with different aspects of GTT.

Your GTT will be triggered when price reaches 27, and order will be placed at Rs. 28.