Question on Expiry Dates

Kite shows me option expiry as 30th April for NIFTY APR 8500 Put, however when I check the info it says NIFTY20APR8500PE. Which one is correct and how can I validate the expiry date of the option before buying? For most options on Kite I see end of the month as expiry for respective month option.


Another example Nifty MAR 9700 PE

Kite says 26th Mar as expiry but then within positions tab if I click on Info it says NIFTY20MAR9700PE. Why 20MAR?Sav3

@siva Please can you clarify. Sorry if this is a stupid question, searched other similar questions here as well but couldn’t find an answer.

monthly expiry is shown on the month and not on the date ,

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Sorry does that mean the part under info that shows NIFTY20MAR9700PE, Mar is the month expiry? What does 20 stand for?

year .

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Ah got it. Thank you very much!!!

Also on same screenshot which you posted there is expiry date, you can check it there also.

That’s what I was confused about. Which one to consider as expiry. Got it resolved now, thank you for your response.