Question Regarding CDSL EASIEST

Anyone here using the CDSL EASIEST facility and familiar with the below matter please help me with this query.

I created a CDSL EASIEST account using my demat account numbers with BROKER A.

Few days after BROKER A authorizing the requests, I added my 2nd demat account number with BROKER B using the MISCE > EDIT TRUSTED ACCOUNTS menu.

Broker B has authorized my request as well and appears as authorized BO in the Edit Trusted Accounts page.

Now, when I visit the ACCOUNT DETAILS page, I can view only the shares held in the demat account of BROKER A. Shares held in my demat account with BROKER B are not showing there.

My Question is,

  1. Should the ACCOUNT DETAILS page show the shares held in my demat account with BROKER B ?

  2. Or do I have to do something with the groupings option so my shares held with BROKER B becomes visible on the Account Details page ?



After logging in, on HOME page > Click on search button, it will list all the Grouped BO IDs
Then as you select that one, you will get details of holdings etc relevant to that BO ID
That is how you select particular BO ID and transact using it.

Grouping happened automatically as I provided same details while adding subsequent demat.
From Groupings, one can add other CDSL demats too.

First ensure under Mis > Edit groupings ( all the Demats are listed )



Thank you for the pointers on this.

Yes, I had to manually do the MISCE > EDIT GROUPINGS and select the demat account with BROKER B to be added to the group.

Now when I click the search button and double click demat number of BROKER B, I can switch to the BROKER B demat and view holdings with BROKER B on the account details page.

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