Question regarding selling trade to trade category stock

Trade to trade category stocks have T+2 settlement cycle. However can I sell the stock if I’ve received the credit in my CDSL demat account on T+1 day itself.

Example: I bought shares of a trade to trade stock on its listing day which was a Friday. I got the credit of the shares in my CDSL on Monday. Can I immediately sell the stock on Monday or Tuesday? Or do I have to compulsory wait till Wednesday to sell the stock?

@ShubhS9 Please advice :pray:

Shares bought from the market will be available for selling only after T+2 days, once the settlement is completed.

Shares transferred through off-market transfer are settled on the same day and will be available for trading from the next day, ie. if the shares are transferred on Monday, then these will be available for trading on Tuesday.

I’ve just now received credit message from CDSL for T2T shares bought on Friday, 30th Dec 2022. The shares were bought using Zerodha Android app.

Can I sell these tomorrow 3rd Jan 2023 since they are already in my demat account?


Yes, you will be able to sell tomorrow. This stock would have moved to T+1 settlement, so instead of being created on T+2 day, it is credited on T+1 day. You can check the list of stocks that have moved to T+1 settlement here: Stocks transferred to T+1 settlement - Google Sheets