Question to any old sharekhan user regarding stocks transfer

there are many sharekhan related threads but this info is not found
Question is=
Suppose i have shares for approximately 1lakh in sharekhan account and i want to transfer them to zeordha
how much fees is charged by sharekhan and if any fees is also levied by zerodha,
if here is any old sharekhan user who have done it,please tell how much fee
and would it be more costly if you sold shares in sharekhan account and buy in zerodha account?
thx for info

Hi @rj9500,

Best thing for you to do is to obtain a CMR copy(Client master Report ) for the demat account you have opened in Zerodha( for this you can email a request on [email protected], requesting for a hard copy of the same). Take this to the sharekhan office and tell them that you want to close the account you have with them. They will take a closure form signed from you and transfer the shares for free(closure cum transfer).

The other option is to transfer shares and then close, for this you will have to wait for someone who had a sharekhan account earlier to respond.No charges will be applicable at Zerodha.