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If trading account is inactive due to not being used in 12months, Can I use coin to buy and sell mutual funds as usual or does zerodha blocks coin till kyc is redone?
Can I download statements as usual even if rekyc is not done?

In case of transmission request of stocks and mutual funds from zerodha to nominee zerodha account, does the nominee gets the buy price of stocks and MF also updated or will it be N.A? Because if nominee needs to sell assets and pay capital gains how would they know to calculate taxes without buy price of stocks and mutual funds purchased on zerodha?

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Hi @GuestTrader

Rekyc has to be done to activate coin.

Checking this, @GuestTrader - Will get back to you.

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Thanks for prompt response. Much appreciated.:pray: @Meher_Smaran

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You can download the statements @GuestTrader

I’ll get back to you on the nomination related query. :slight_smile:

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If nominee access the original holders account, won’t you guys flag and might delay the transmission due to scrutiny? :thinking:
Else do you mean original holder needs to download the statements periodically? :thinking:

Hi @Meher_Smaran did you get a chance to look into the second query? Thanks :grinning:

Sorry. Checking this today

Hi @GuestTrader

Sorry for the delay in response.

The nominee will get the transmission shares as NA, One needs to check with his/her CA and consider the buy average.

Thanks for the update :slightly_smiling_face: