Questions regarding BTST trades/CNC t+1 orders

Hey wanted to know what brokerage charges the btst trades follow. currently confused between if they count as cnc or there is another brokerage on those.

also does anyone know if btst trades have to incur the DP exit charges. ik that the shares wont be in the demat since there will be a t+2 transaction on those so will i have to pay the charges if the shares arent even in my account and sold before?

BTST is delivery trade so the brokerage and other charges will be according to this. You can easily calculate the charges here.

DP charges aren’t applicable for BTST trades.

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Started noticing DP charges applied on shares sold on T+1 day. is this the new change?

Yes, there has been a recent change and now DP Charges are applicable on BTST trades. I came across a support page explaining it. From what I understand, it has been done so that corporate actions (like dividends, bonus) are credited directly to the client’s bank/demat account instead of the current arrangement where they are first credited to Zerodha and then passed on to the client’s trading account. Also, due to this change, TDS on dividends will reflect directly in one’s 26AS (or not if one has opted for Form 15G/H) rather than the current practice where it mandatorily collected at Zerodha’s end (Refer to TDS on Dividend - Pledged Holdings - #8 by Nakul) and then reflected in client’s 26AS on a later date - normally within a quater (Refer to Ajustment of TDS on LIQUID BEES DIVIDEND for units pledged - #3 by VenuMadhav)

Thanks for the response, will go through the support page

Thanks for the link @Prayag .

Since when have these changes been made, any idea? @ShubhS9