Quicko Audit Section

I was filling in my Auditor’s details in Quicko.

The section asks me to fill

  • Membership number of Auditor

  • Auditor Registration number
    Aren’t the above 2 fields the same?

  • Audit firm PAN - My auditor tells me it should be his personal PAN Card. Can someone please confirm?

  • Aadhar Number - I guess this is the Auditor’s AAdhaar

  • Date of report of Audit - Which date is this?

  • Date of furnishing - Which date is this?

@Quicko Please suggest


  • The membership number of the auditor refers to his/her membership number with ICAI, saying he/she is a qualified member of ICAI
  • The Auditors registration number is the auditor’s firm or proprietary registration number with ICAI.
  • Audit firm PAN : It is the PAN number of an audit firm. (In case of Proprietary it will be his personal PAN)
  • Aadhar number : It’s asking for the auditor’s Aadhar number.
  • Date of report of audit : It is the date when the auditor signs the audit.
  • Date of furnishing : It is the date of filing the audit report.