Quicko Tax PNL excel template related question for F&O

I am using the Quicko Tax PNL excel template to add my options related transactions. I filled most of the columns. But I am not clear on where does service tax on brokerage go to. Does it go to GST column or does it go to “Other trading expense” column. Can someone please clarify?

BTW, this is for ICICIDirect related trades. For Zerodha, I was able to pull in details via the quicko integration.


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@Quicko Can you assist @bhaskids with this query?

Ahh… Quicko , all gst paid are under igst and

you mean transaction charge and do not come under brokerage expense.

There are direct expense as :-
Transaction charge
SEBI fee
Stamp Duty
clearing charge
shortfall margin penalty

You can fill these details under expense column under rate and transaction charges. You can see three dot on the page from where you have filled stt and rest. Also donot fill detail via automatic filling as ZERODHA expense will be not clear in their PnL and quicko feed only sell expense.

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No. I am not talking about transaction charge. ICICI has service tax on brokerage as separate item, different from transaction charges.

Okay okay got it, go with gst as expense in trading . No one bother you for that.

Hello @bhaskids,

Service tax can be added as “Other Trading Expense” in Quicko’s template.

Hope this helps!