Quicko Zerodha Integration- All transactions not getting captured

On importing transactions from Zerodha, all transactions are not getting captured. It is regularly missing some transactions during inport through integration from the transactions that I have in my Tax P&L created by Zerodha. I have tried it multiple times. I am having to add the others manually.

If you are importing report via quicko transactions excel sheet then you have write futures and options not future and option it will miss the detail also there should be no space between symbol. And importing detail from from zerodha is not a valid way as you will miss most of expenses as zero.

I did not understand this part. Can you please explain? Which expenses will I miss as zero?

Stt, brokerage , etc are they are totally round-off in PnL of zerodha , even in otger stocker broker too.

Hi, when importing trades from Zerodha on Quicko, here are some of the cases where it might not match.

That’s why we always recommend our users to keep all broker Tax P&L handy and verify, since at times the broker reporting and reporting as per income tax may be different.

In case there is anything apart from the ones mentioned in the article above, would request you to write to us on [email protected] with your registered email id and Tax P&L statement, so our team can investigate it immediately.