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Reading market related or other relevant gyaan condensed in a fewer words regularly can be a good way to learn new things.

We all can share interesting quote daily related to markets or even other topic which one can relate to.

The same traits needed for huge success are the same traits that increase the odds of failure, so we should be careful praising winners or criticizing failures because they often made similar decisions with different degrees of luck. ~ Morgan Housel


My favourite piece of condensed gyaan → “Bhav Bhagwan Che”

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“real estate is a lousy investment” – Warren Buffett

Damn right!

This is one of the favorite market saying often quoted by @mohitmehra

Kabhi bohot ghana, Kabhi mutthi bhar chana, kabhi woh bhi mana…

He is the right person to explain the meaning of this. @mohitmehra

Trend followers on a big winning trade after a losing streak →

Movement great hey, Aaya late hey;
Sahna to padta he, Tabhi kuch milta hey |


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:sweat_smile: I guess this is the most popular Hindi equivalent of the idea that irrespective of where you stand, it shall pass.

Ok here is one

Price is what you pay, value suffering is what you get


“Market ka trend change ho gaya hai, ab toh memes aur quotes pe bhi investment karna padega.”