Rahul Gandhi's stock portfolio

grt stocks n nyc allocation across sectors. no adani, ambani and only no PSUs


Think he subscribed to Marcellus :rofl::rofl:

Maybe get some insight on why no sarkari companies


how did you get this data?

its viral on every SM and newspaper :smiley:

Politicians have to declare all assets in their election affidavit. The affidavit is public on ECI website.

Modi’s last affidavit has some LIC policies and post office NSC certificates.


Rahul gandhi says indian economy is in bad situation but he has zero holding when modi govt came to power and now he has 33 percent of his funds into equity that means his beliefs in indian economy got stronger when modi govt came… Isn’t it fraud…In public he says everything is ruining and in private, bettin it on indian economy


Politicians can own stocks or mutual funds. There are no clear laws against that.

But there is definitely an issue if they sit on a committee or accept kickbacks to get a job done.

Governments, MPs or MLAs should not favor one company over another because they have a shareholding or interest.

You can be long stocks and be negative on the economy at the same time. For instance If you expect poor inflation management by the central bank, better to bet on relatively better companies than hold the currency.

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